Our vision is to help encourage all women to seek a sincere faith through an intimate relationship with God. We want women to know God loves them no matter what their past is. We want women to know and love the scripture, and learn the tools to handle life in a biblical manner. We want to demonstrate the loved we have by serving God and others unselfishly. We aim to affirm the value of motherhood, the importance of strong family ties, and promote intimate relationship among women. We hope to build leaders among our women, and equip them to walk in freedom and extraordinary faith. Please take a look at our Upcoming Events page for more information on upcoming meeting and events. 

Meets once a month

7:30 p.m.

YYA || Youth & Young Adults Ministry

Awaken Love Couples Ministry's purpose is to help build, restore,teach and reach couples that are married, dating, or engaged. Lead by Minister Eric Padilla, and his wife, Annette Padilla, Awaken Love's goal is to teach, and impart tools that will help meet the needs of our couples. Our desire is to cultivate a culture amongst couples that will reflect an awakened love; the love of God filled with transparency, vulnerability, trust, friendship, and unity. Please take a look at our Upcoming Events page for more information on upcoming meetings and events.

Meets once a month

W.O.P || Women's Ministry

B.O.B || Men's Ministry.

Wednesday Family Night || Something for everyone.

Sundays are never enough! Join us on Wednesday for a time of prayer followed by a quick word. Come in and be refreshed by our mid-week service. If you have pre-teens, or little ones, they are more than welcome at the PYT pre-teen ministry, or the Little Lambs choir & dance ministry. Come and encounter God in the middle of your week with your entire family!

Every Wednesday

7:30 p.m.

We all know those awkward years between childhood and adolescence. FIG prides itself in providing a safe, and God centered environment for your pre-teen to grow, express themselves, and build life long friendships. This group of pre-teens partakes in weekly lessons and rap sessions centered around relevant life issues. Lead by Sister Alex Cruz, this group meets once a week, on Wednesday nights during Wednesday Family Night. Also keep an eye out on our Upcoming Events page for their extra fun outings, such as bowling night, or pool party night!

Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Ages 12 - 15

Awaken Love || Couple's Ministry

B.O.B is a life impacting ministry that leads men to the transformation of their hearts and resulting in living a victorious and Godly life. Lead by Brother John Cruz, and Brother Julio Rodriguez, B.O.B teaches men to develop an effective prayer life and build closer relationships by encouraging one another and serving those in need. Join arms with this group of men seeking to surrender their hearts and minds to God's will. Please take a look at our Upcoming Events page for more information on upcoming meetings and events.

Meets once a month

7:30 p.m.

PYT || Pre-teen Ministry

Become a part of our


Looking for a group of young adults who are on fire for God? Looking to create lasting bonds, and experience foundational teachings to help you grow as you face every day life? You are not alone. Join YYA once a month for intimate worship, and transformational teachings that are designated to equip you to deal with the realities of work, school, relationships, and church all the while embracing the call of God upon your life. Lead by Minister Joseph Figueroa, this group meets once a month. Also keep an eye out on our Upcoming Events page for upcoming YYA events!

Every first Friday of the month (unless otherwise noted)

Ages 16 -30