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We are extremely humbled that the Lord continues to enlarge our territory all for the Honor of His kingdom. We look forward to having you join us on this journey, as we encounter all that he has for us!

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Freedom In God ministires 

Native Brooklynites, Pastor Joe & Mayra began their journey with Christ at a young age. They served at their home church as Youth Pastors, and leaders for a variety of different ministries. Both Pastor Joe and Mayra have served in the areas of Children's Sunday School, the Worship team, and anywhere else a need had to be met.  It was many years ago that the calling to Pastorship was planted upon Pastor Joe & Mayra, but it would not be until much later, after an impactful journey through life and ministry, that they would take a bold step of faith, and found a church of their own.

In 2010 that both Pastor Joe and Pastor Mayra felt the call to open the doors the doors to their home in Staten Island to begin their own church. And thus began Freedom In God Ministries Church on that fateful Sunday morning of January 10th. Since then, the Figueroas - along with their son Joseph Figueroa, and their daughter, Stephanie Suh,  have lead their congregation with humility, dedication, truthful worship and prayerful wisdom. 


In 2010, Pastors Joe and Mayra Figueroa opened the doors to their home, and thus begun the journey God had destined for them many years prior. 

This Journey has taken FIG from the pastor's home,  to Hemsley Hall, to North Gannon, to their current address along the heart of Forest Ave. F.I.G. is in awe as we have seen the hand of the Lord upon this House of Prayer  through the spiritual growth of our many congregants.


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